A Bit About Us... 

Dawn Wendt and Gale Huguelet

                                                          Working as a team, we've managed, promoted, and supported Joliet, IL based, national touring & recording artist, 'Eat A Peach' (aka Peach) as DKW Promotions.  

We've gained countless hours of enjoyment in the company of our local music scene, and worked together with national touring artists.  We've also crossed paths with many aspiring musicians/singers/songwriters along the way.  Our belief in the creative spirit and love of music is the core of our adventure into music publishing.

We strongly believe we ‘share a brain.’ Our combined skills in designing, writing, photography, communication, research, organization and brain-storming highlight our confidence.

‘Get In The Yard Music’ is focused on helping interested artists find the right place, in the right time, to get their ’artistic offspring’ to the ears of the masses.  Our intention is to do our best with your best.  Our profit motivation: we   don’t get paid ‘til you get paid.                
                                         We support wildlife and the environment so 10% of all Get In The Yard Music profits support the cause.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Dawn Wendt and Gale Huguelet